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Safety Glasses and Goggles: Your Guide to Protective Eyewear

Why risk losing precious eyesight when wearing safety glasses or protective goggles can keep your eyes safe for a lifetime of good vision? experts say proper protective eyewear could prevent up to 90 percent of all eye injuries.

OSHA has adopted safety eyewear standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a private, non-profit organization that creates quality and safety standards for a wide variety of products.


  • Unsurpassed anti-scratch lenses through the use of a unique polycarbonate, hard-coat material
  • Lightweight wraparound style glasses, with a dust and impact reducing brow guard
  • Moldable straight arms with extra ventilation, for comfort and an individual fit
  • Easy to clean, chemical resistant lenses
  • No metal parts, making it fully recyclable and safe in electrical environments
  • Complies to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1337 for medium impact protection
  • 99.9% UV protection


Stylish yet protective – the latest trend in safety eyewear

With an anatomically shaped wraparound lens, the uvex x-trend is an expression of fashion today – after all, eyewear with large lenses conquered the world long ago. In addition to its stylish design, the uvex x-trend offers a high degree of safety with its large lens. It offers a clear view in all directions, 20 % more cover than normal temple glasses, UV protection up to 400 nm and if desired, the comfortable uvex side arms with x-stream-technology (XST). The uvex x-trend – stylish yet protective. Now there’s no longer any need to hide behind your spectacles at work. Optional: uvex XST for extreme comfort that you can feel! Thanks to a smooth transition from hard to soft plastic.

  • Smooth transition between materials
  • High flexibility
  • Non-slip surface

UVEX i-3 .9190

A new dimension in protective eyewear

These innovative protective spectacles are designed to perfectly fit the face. Their flexible side arms with variable inclination can be individually adjusted, while the integrated Softflex zone ensures 0utstanding wearer comfort for all head sizes. The extremely soft Softflex nose piece ensures that even when worn for long periods, spectacles are comfortable, do not press on sensitive areas and remain firmly in place. Soft ear pieces and the Softflex zone at the temples ensure a secure fit in any situation.

  • Metal Free construction
  • Soft Ear pieces
  • Soft nose loops
  • Side Arm flex zone
  • Ergonomically designed bridge piece
  • Variable Side arm angle


uvex pheos is so much more than just conventional protective eyewear. The modern, fashionable design makes it ideal for everyday wear. In addition to an attractive design, this safety spectacle incorporates highly innovative technology: the core component is the duo-spherical lens, which not only offers a wide field of vision but its unique coating technology provides a high level of scratch-resistance on the outside and permanent anti-fog on the inside helping to prolong the life of the product and increase wearer safety.

  • The bioplastics used for the sidearms are made from castor oil.
  • The biocarbon component of the lens has been extracted from castor oil.
  • The soft ear piece components are made from castor oil.


This exciting eyewear concept unites innovative technologies and high-tech materials.

The lens: Using state of the art manufacturing processes, the extremely thin yet robust lens offers exceptional optical clarity and reduced weight. The aerodynamic, sporty lens is angled in such a way that allows for excellent ventilation helping to reduce fogging and increase comfort around the eyes. The frame: The frame is ultra light and flexible, fitting most facial shapes and sizes.

uvex x-stream technology means the side arms graduate from hard to soft material which gently grip the side of the head for a secure, stable fit. The uvex super g is completely metal free and weighs just 18 grams – the same weight as a CD!

  • Excellent non slip properties
  • Uvex superfit with hinged side arms
  • Unique x-stream-technology (xst) for maximum comfort thanks to a smooth transition from hard to soft plastic

UVEX 9301

Comfortable, ergonomically designed full vision goggle with unrestricted side visibility provided by 180° panorama lens. Soft face and nose cushioning enables totally airtight and pressure-free fit.

Exceptional wearer comfort guaranteed by unrivalled design, broad and fully adjustable headband, sophisticated ventilation system and optional anti-fog lens. Easily replaceable lens. Special versions are available featuring tear-off lenses, additional comfort cushioning,flame-retarding pvc in signal red


Pioneering full vision goggle with exceptional wearer comfort. The combination of two different materials (hard/soft components) ensures that pressure never becomes a problem, even after long periods of wear. The soft flexible component adapts to individual face curvature, providing an excellent seal. The goggle can be worn over prescription specs. The outstanding ventilation ensures a pleasant non-irritating interior environment.further key features of this top goggle include sporty design, panorama field of vision and easy lens replacement.


Based on physical properties, such as radiation intensity and focusing capability (spatial coherence), laser light is potentially very hazardous, particularly for the eyes. The valid laser protective norms (EN 207 and EN 208) and safety regulations (BGV B2) stipulating the wearing of laser safety eyewear are the response to these hazards.

This laser safety eyewear with coated or absorbent special lenses and plastics is a core focus of the laservision product portfolio. We have more than 30 years of experience in this technology. At the same time, laservision offers an extensive range of glass and plastic filter materials as windows for installation in machine housings, partitions and curtains


  • Safety glasses with large field of vision
  • Autoclaving possible at 121° C
  • Optimum fit
  • Anti-fog
  • Very light
  • Colour: transparent